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Version 3 log: 

  • Updated face and expressions, it looks kind of different to ver 2 (hey, they could be bros!) so I don't take down the previous version 
  • Updated shading, looks simpler and cleaner
  • Updated folders and layer naming. To change the color, look at CHANGE: [TYPE] layer names ^ o ^ 
  • There's no clip mask anymore, so you could open it in PS or any other program. (note: version 2 still has clipping mask, will require extra work if you open it in other programs besides Paint Tool SAI
  • Shounen A.zip contains blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skin Shounen A in 9 different expressions to use in a snap! 

Please give him some loving. :"D 

I appreciate any dollars you decide to put into this download! That helps my life easier, to be honest. Only do that if you really like this Sprite though!

License is CC BY-NC 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

Please send e-mail to runeraccoon(at) gmail.com if you want to use it in Commercial products. You won't pay anything if you don't want to, I simply want to make my advanced rules clearly understood. :) 

GenreVisual Novel
Made withRPG Maker


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Shounen A.zip 19 MB
shounen A_v3.zip 10 MB
ShounenA-v2.psd 24 MB


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Hello there! ^^ It doesn't say here, but is this a waist-up sprite? Thighs-up? Will it work well with the Ella sprite you have?

Hey there~ It's a thighs up sprite and will work with Ella. I recommend opening both files using SAI--- I didn't do a recheck, but apparently opening them in PS/other programs messes up the color clippings. ^^ If you have any difficulties using either of them, let me know!

Oh, okay. Thanks so much for the quick reply! ^^ It's very generous of you to share these for free!

Haha, you're kind of lucky with the timing ;) 

I wish I could have provided more, but sadly I'm not as productive in drawing as I used to. xD

drawings sprite of guys very rare, thanks for the drawing

You're welcome~

Hey there, what's the liscening for this?

It's supposed to be Non-Commercial. :)