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Hello there! ^^ It doesn't say here, but is this a waist-up sprite? Thighs-up? Will it work well with the Ella sprite you have?

Hey there~ It's a thighs up sprite and will work with Ella. I recommend opening both files using SAI--- I didn't do a recheck, but apparently opening them in PS/other programs messes up the color clippings. ^^ If you have any difficulties using either of them, let me know!

Oh, okay. Thanks so much for the quick reply! ^^ It's very generous of you to share these for free!

Haha, you're kind of lucky with the timing ;) 

I wish I could have provided more, but sadly I'm not as productive in drawing as I used to. xD

drawings sprite of guys very rare, thanks for the drawing

You're welcome~

Hey there, what's the liscening for this?

It's supposed to be Non-Commercial. :)